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Frequently Asked Questions / 常见问题与解答



Q: Does Sheng Siong have any “loyalty card” or “membership card”?

Other than our joint collaboration or partnership with credit card companies/ banks to provide rebates to our customers, such as through the “BOC Sheng Siong Visa Card”, “POSB Everyday Card” and “Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card”, we do not have any “loyalty card” or “membership card” currently.

Q: How can I get tickets to the TV show?

You may obtain FREE entry tickets to the TV variety show at MediaCorp by mailing your request to:

Sheng Siong
(Ref: Entry Tickets to Sheng Siong Show)
6 Mandai Link
Singapore 728652

In your mail, please remember to enclose:

  • AT LEAST ONE self-addressed, postage-paid envelope (EACH postage-paid envelope will be entitled to ONE PAIR of tickets)
  • Your contact number


Please note that Sheng Siong requires 5 working days from receiving date of your enquiry to ensure proper mailing of the tickets to your address before the day of the show

Q: How do I claim my prize if I am the winner in Sheng Siong’s promotions?

    All winners who had participated in Sheng Siong’s promotions (lucky draws) will be NOTIFIED BY POST. So, to claim the prizes, customers who are lucky winners need to produce our original notification letter together with photocopies of their NRIC (for ID verification and official records).

    Names of lucky draw winners may not be released publicly.

Q: Which Credit Cards enjoy special benefits at Sheng Siong?

Preferred Credit Cards at Sheng Siong include:

  • BOC Sheng Siong Card
  • POSB Everyday Card
  • Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card

More information on preferred credit cards can be found here

Q: Does Sheng Siong provide home delivery service?

For you to benefit from home delivery services by Sheng Siong, you need to order your products online at www.allforyou.sg *

* The service is available to limited areas in Singapore. More areas will be covered in future as Sheng Siong is developing its service.


问:昇菘有任何的“忠诚会员优惠卡”/ “会员卡”吗?

我们是有同信用卡公司或银行的合作,让顾客在本超市购物时通过“中银昇菘卡”、“储蓄银行日惠卡”和“花旗银行SMRT白金威士卡”享有回扣。不过,我们目前没有任何所谓的“忠诚会议优惠卡”/ “会员卡”。


想索取免费入门票, 观赏现场直播综艺节目《缤纷万千在昇菘》吗? 现在就于信封上注明, 然后寄至:

Sheng Siong
6 Mandai Link
Singapore 728652

在信件内, 请记得附上:

  • 至少一个回邮信封(必须贴上邮票), 每个回邮信封将可获得两张入门票, 先到先得, 送完为止;
  • 您的电话号码, 以便在需要时联络您.






  • 中银昇菘卡
  • 新加坡储蓄银行日惠卡
  • 花旗银行SMRT VISA白金卡



欲使用昇菘提供的送货上门服务,请到 www.allforyou.sg * 订购所需产品。

* 此服务目前只限于新加坡一些地区。随着昇菘持续地开放其网购服务,送货上门服务将逐渐扩大到其他地区。

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