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Marketing Caution Message

Posted on 27th Dec 2017 @ 5:08 PM

Dear Customers,

We have been receiving public’s queries on whether Sheng Siong has partnered third parties to organize marketing campaigns that require consumers to

  • Take online surveys and receive $500/$1000 Sheng Siong vouchers  
  • Redeem '$1000 Sheng Siong Vouchers' with their mobile phones, then inform 10 friends about the survey within a few minutes to obtain the vouchers        
  • Enter personal particular in online forms to sign up for supermarket vouchers     

We wish to clarify that Sheng Siong has not entered into any joint agreement/ partnership with any parties on the above.

Please do not divulge your personal particulars and/or transfer any payments when you encounter suspicious messages. When in doubt, please contact our Customer Service team at 6895 1888 for clarifications.

We will be reporting this matter to relevant authorities as they come to our knowledge.

Thank you for your attention.